Today’s leaders  face an extremely challenging environment filled with disruptive, unpredictable change that includes:

  •       Increased competition – both domestic, international
  •       Short supply of quality workers
  •       Disengaged workforce with high turnover
  •       Rapid changes that threaten to make your offerings  obsolete
  •       Economic uncertainty and legislative changes
  •       Things you don’t even know about yet!

The most effective leaders are able to create  Flexible, Adaptive, Learning Organizations that thrive in our challenging world.  This enables organizations to adapt and thrive with increased productivity, profitability and engagement.  

Today’s leaders seek more balance to prevent excess stress/burnout while experiencing a higher level of fulfillment.  Since things aren’t getting easier, the solution is to get better at leading yourself and others.  

PeopleMax helps organizations develop more effective leaders with real solutions that address root causes (instead of symptoms) of problems.

Some History

As a business leader in two companies, Brad Wolff experienced both business failure and success.  Truth be told, his failures taught him more about leadership than any books or classes ever could. His lessons are grounded in reality which he applies to his coaching, speaking, writing and training.  

A 25 year career in the recruiting industry gave Brad a unique insight into what works and doesn’t work when hiring and leading people.  These lessons help clients and audiences develop more effective mindsets and actions to achieve better results with less stress and conflict.

Through research, training and experience in the field of human potential, Brad helps clients become more of who they want to be – which helps them develop as leaders who influence others to excel. 

Effective leaders build great cultures, that drive high engagement and outstanding results.  In other words an optimized workforce that achieves greater success with less stress and more fulfillment.  

Meet Brad

Brad Wolff

Managing Partner, PeopleMax;
Bestselling Author of People Problems?

Brad Wolff, the “People Maximizer” is the Managing Partner of PeopleMax.
25 years in recruiting and retention taught him how leaders’ actions impact results with their people.  Brad’s passion is making the science of human potential simple and practical to achieve greater success with less stress and more satisfaction. 

His focus is on leadership and it’s impact on culture, engagement and results.  His clients achieve more success with less stress and greater satisfaction by maximizing people’s potential and performance.   He’s a speaker and author of the best-selling book People Problems? How To Create People Solutions For A Competitive Advantage.

Brad’s background includes a Professional Coaching Certification, a certification in Managing Change in Human Systems and completed The Cape Cod Training Program for facilitating positive individual and group change at the Gestalt International Study Center


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