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Make more money with a lot less stress

 Are you looking to take your business to the next level? 

If you are either: 

  • An established firm looking to reinvent, reenergize and regenerate your business OR
  • An early stage firm looking to get to the next level much quicker and easier than on your own

We can help you accomplish these goals with a proven approach that’s customized to your individual needs. 

Here are two common problems you face: 

1.  You’re so busy working in your business that you rarely take enough time to work on your business. 

2.  Nobody has all the answers or is good at everything.  The most successful leaders don’t try to succeed on their own.  They value and utilize outside help and perspectives to provide a critical edge. 

PeopleMax provides the expertise and outside perspective you need to get the competitive edge you want. 


Managing Partner, PeopleMax, Bestselling Author of People Problems?

Brad Wolff, the “People Maximizer” is the Managing Partner of PeopleMax.

Brad worked 25 years in the recruitment industry with 15 years as founder and co-owner of two firms. He placed people in full-time, temp and contract positions on both a contingency and retained basis.  This included placements in accounting/finance, IT, sales, and operations.

 Brad’s passion is helping owners of small/mid-sized recruitment firms achieve greater success with less stress and more satisfaction. This involves helping them optimize their processes, technology, and people. Brad’s also a speaker and author of the best-selling book People Problems? How To Create People Solutions For A Competitive Advantage.

Brad’s background includes a Professional Coaching Certification, a certification in Managing Change in Human Systems. He’s also trained in facilitating mastermind groups and has completed The Cape Cod Training Program for facilitating positive individual and group change at the Gestalt International Study Center.



  • Outside pressures to commoditize your work and lower your fill-ratios, fees and margins
  • Client created challenges like filling their own jobs, using multiple competitors, unresponsiveness, closing jobs after you produce, etc. 
  • Changes in supply and demand for the people you place
  • Internal employee challenges which include bad hires, high turnover and low productivity/ engagement
  • Difficult questions on topics such as new areas of specialization, new offerings, additional locations, etc. 

So why do most struggle while some rise to the top of the industry? The most successful owners/leaders turn their problems into “growth fuel” to improve. Instead of wishing things were easier, they choose to get better!

They choose to develop themselves and their people rather than just improving processes and technology.  Since processes and technology don’t select, develop and operate themselves, their effectiveness is dependent upon people’s effectiveness.

Our Mission

As a founder and co-owner of two Recruiting firms, Brad Wolff experienced both business failure and success.  Truth be told, his failures taught him more about business and success than any books or classes ever could. His lessons are grounded in real world experience which he applies to his business Advisory, coaching, and mastermind groups.

During a 25-year career in the Recruitment industry, Brad developed a passion for helping leaders develop greater personal capacity to solve and prevent the difficult problems they face.  This way, they become more effective leaders who help their people develop into more productive, profitable, engaged, contributors. He realized that most help offered to industry business owners focuses on two areas:

1.  Processes: This involves increasing organizational effectiveness in areas such as sales/marketing, recruiting/sourcing, client & candidate relations, competitive strategy business/administration, finance/accounting, etc.

2.  Technology: This includes selecting appropriate technology and increasing people’s proficiency in utilization

Most industry leaders have been conditioned to believe that Processes + Technology = Staffing & Recruiting firm success.  Unfortunately, this formula misses a key ingredient: personal development of the people who create, select, and use the processes and technology. If processes and technology are the saw, personal development sharpens the saw to increase its capacity and efficiency.

The best processes and technology will produce subpar results if any of the following personal development issues aren’t properly addressed:

  • Lack of awareness of self and others
  • Lack of grit & resilience
  • Inability to manage ego and emotions
  • Work that doesn’t align with natural talents and interests

The correct formula is Processes + Technology + Personal Development = Staffing & Recruiting firm success.  Savvy leaders add the missing component of personal development to capture a sizeable competitive advantage.

When people develop personally, they’re more profitable, productive, and positive.  They’re also more adaptable, innovative and collaborative. They utilize far more of their skills and potential.  For example, the difference between a well-trained salesperson making 10 calls v.s. 50 calls per day.

PeopleMax’s mission is to help owners of small-mid-sized Recruiting firms make more money with less stress and greater satisfaction by addressing all the factors of success (processes, technology and people).  No more neglecting one area at the expense of the others.

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