Our mission is to help business leaders make the maximum positive impact in the world through their organizations.


PeopleMax is the partner of choice to help business leaders create the companies and lives they truly desire.

our Values

  • Positive impact—People truly benefit because of our work together.
  • Integrity—We can be counted on to act with your best interest at heart and to follow through on our commitments.
  • Authenticity—We believe that being open and honest with our clients is critical to building trust and creating effective outcomes.
  • Humor—We believe that people are at their best when they can relax, have fun and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Compassion—We believe that our lives involve a great deal of challenge and struggle. When people listen and understand us without judgment, amazing possibilities for growth open up.
  • Human potential—We believe that ALL human beings possess amazing potential to learn, adapt, grow and change. It is an honor to be part of this process.

Our operating principles

The best solutions are created with a holistic approach.

A holistic approach considers how the four key areas of business success function as whole in your organization. These key areas are employee alignment, culture, strategy and leadership.

Without a holistic view, we see things in isolation and look for a “specific cause” to problems. We then miss the fact that the actual root cause may be a combination of things. For example, if you’re experiencing low employee engagement, it’s tempting to diagnose the cause from one isolated viewpoint

Here are some examples of isolated viewpoints:

  • Employee Alignment viewpoint: Low engagement is a result of employees doing work that doesn’t match their abilities and preferences.
  • Culture viewpoint: Low engagement is the result of poor alignment between employees’ values and the organization’s accepted norms in beliefs and behaviors.
  • Strategy viewpoint: Low engagement is the result of employees not believing in the organization’s strategy.
  • Leadership viewpoint: Low engagement is the result of leaders communicating and interacting with employees in an ineffective or negative manner.

Each of these viewpoints may contain a partial truth, but none captures the whole picture. The takeaway is clear. The most effective approach is to start with an objective inquiry into root causes, without a bias toward any one problem-solving viewpoint. This is a holistic approach.

The right outside help makes sense

You’ve probably tried to solve your people problems on your own—with mixed results. It’s very difficult to see problems clearly from within the environment that created them. You need added perspective. You can see 180 degrees—the inside view. We can see the other 180 degrees—the outside view. Together, we can see 360 degrees. The 360-degree view creates better outcomes.

Solving problems at their root cause is effective. Solving them at the symptom level isn’t.

The symptoms of problems are obvious. The underlying causes usually aren’t. We collaborate with you to understand the underlying root causes and help you correct them. The result? Problems get solved and stay solved.

Why work with PeopleMax?

It’s a matter of survival. Today is vastly different from the past. Your leading-edge product, service or process can be uncompetitive or obsolete tomorrow. How do you navigate in a rapidly changing, unpredictable and disruptive world? The key is to develop a flexible, adaptable, learning organization so that you can quickly adjust, adapt and succeed. Addressing all four elements of business success with our holistic approach facilitates this outcome. Replace uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelm with clarity, confidence and control.


Meet Brad

Brad Wolff

Managing Partner, PeopleMax;
Bestselling Author of People Problems?

Brad Wolff is the People Maximizer. He specializes in helping companies make the most of their “human potential resources.” His passion is empowering people to create the business success and life fulfillment they desire, in a deep and lasting way.

Brad is Managing Partner for PeopleMax, an Atlanta-based Workforce Optimization firm. Its focus is helping companies gain control over their people problems to increase productivity, profitability and employee engagement while reducing stress and conflict. This encompasses employee alignment, development of a great culture, successful strategy and leadership effectiveness.

With more than 20 years of experience helping companies hire and retain the right people, Brad understands firsthand why people succeed or fail in different positions and environments. Brad’s background includes a Professional Coaching Certification, a certification in Managing Change in Human Systems and certifications in using multiple assessments. He has also published a book, People Problems? How To Create People Solutions For A Competitive Advantage. As a former CPA he also understands the numbers and quantitative side of every business.

Brad’s passions include human psychology, neuroscience, adult learning and facilitating positive change. Brad continuously participates in research as well as training & development programs to continuously expand his learning and effectiveness in these areas. This translates directly to help his clients create greater, faster success that lasts.


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