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Your Competitive Edge.  More Money, Less Stress

Your Competitive Edge.  More Money, Less Stress

PEOPLEMAX HELPS your Staffing & REcruiting BUSINESS make more money with less stress

PeopleMax helps owners of small/mid-sized Staffing & Recruiting firms:

  • Develop a true competitive edge to increase your confidence and feel more valued for what you deliver.
  • Adapt and thrive during rapid, disruptive changes in your environment. Gain control over your results to achieve greater success and financial stability 
  • Achieve greater employee productivity, engagement and retention to increase profitability while lowering your stress and overwhelm
  • Grow and develop personally to handle more of life’s challenges with less stress


Do you sometimes feel like a commodity when you’d really like to stand out as unique and valuable?

Are your fill-ratios too low which costs you to time, money, effort and frustration?

Do you struggle to find and retain the high-quality, motivated, and productive, employees you need?

Are you frustrated with the quality of your clients and job orders?

Are you concerned about stress and burnout from “the grind” of the business impacting you and your people?

This could be you instead!

You’re excited about standing out from your competitors. You feel more valued and you make more money with less stress.

You’re delighted by the improvements in your fill-ratios. Making more placements also brings greater client satisfaction and employee engagement.

You’re fulfilled as a leader because you regularly hire train & develop the right people to that positively impact on your organization and clients.

You’re confident in your ability to consistently produce since you work with the right clients with jobs you’re likely to fill.

You’re excited that you and your people are energized and fulfilled in their jobs to bring about long-term success.

Here’s our process to help you increase your income with less stress and more satisfaction: 

STEP 1 - Clarify Desired Outcomes:

Together we define your ideal business.  This includes quantitative factors such as revenue, profitability, number of placements, fill ratios, internal turnover rate, etc.  It also includes qualitative items like engagement, satisfaction personal development, and stress reduction


STEP 2 - Better Goal-setting:

Develop clear, relevant and more empowering goals than traditional methods ever could. Avoid past goal-setting frustrations through identification and development of:

  • A clear and compelling vision
  • Simple, practical strategies for achievement
  • New mindsets to turn your vision into reality
  • New skills needed to create your vision
  • Specific ways to increase your energy and capacity

STEP 3 - Set Yourself Up for Success:

Plan for the potential obstacles to achieving your goals.  Identify multiple options and resources to overcome these obstacles. 

STEP 4 - Better Goal Achievement:

Make better decisions about the right actions to accomplish more of the things that matter most to you.  Set up the proper support to keep moving forward, even with the challenges that previously sidetrack you. 

STEP 5 - Measurement and adjustment:

Systematically review results of your efforts.  Quickly make wise adjustments in approach based on key learnings through the process.

The key to our approach is a holistic, 360-degree view of your organization instead of looking at isolated issues. We help you identify and correct the root-causes of problems so you’re able to create the sustainable success you desire.  

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