What you are and aren’t purchasing: You’re not purchasing my hourly time. You’re investing in practical, proven solutions to your problems crafted by an industry expert. Your problems are not unique to me. They fall into categories that I’ve addressed many times. The issue is not whether you can solve your own problems over time. It’s whether or not that’s the wisest way to do it.

Our coaching sessions exist to understand you, what matters to you, and your unique situation to customize solutions to fit you. This is not a course or a group format. This is one-on-one advising and coaching designed to:

Help you identify and solve your key business problems.

Help you take effective action now. Not some hopeful time in the future.

Save you years of wasted time, money, and frustration.

Working with you one-on-one is not scalable. I can only provide focused, dedicated, time and effort to a small number of exclusive clients at a time.. I’m committed to helping you create the business you desire despite the obstacles you’re currently facing.

You’ll receive access to:

My processes, tools, best-practices, and solutions developed from over 28+ years of industry experience. This allows you to apply what the top 2% of firms do that the others don’t.

My personal experience starting and building two successful recruiting firms and working at two successful national firms.

My ongoing experience seeing what works and doesn’t work with many other recruiting firm owners.

A trusted advisor and sounding board to wisely address your most difficult challenges.

A person who personally cares and is committed to helping you meet your goals.

Referrals to a competent network of recruiting industry specialists to help you upgrade your marketing, and technology when appropriate.