The Power of Collaborating with Your Peers


The most successful business owners want input from their qualified peers as a critical recruitment strategy. They understand the value of different viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences. This interaction of minds allows them to access a higher level of intelligence and creativity than they would on their own. This phenomenon is known as the “mastermind effect” due to many minds joining together to form a master-mind that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

The Truth That Most Small Firm Owners Don’t Think About

Large company CEO’s have boards of directors. These are essentially peer advisory groups. Mid-sized company CEO’s have boards of advisors and often attend executive round tables. Why don’t most small/mid-sized recruitment firms don’t do the same? How many other recruiting firm owners do you interact with as a group on a regular basis? If you don’t, why not? I completely understand if you don’t do this with your competitors, but what about non-competitors?

Mastermind groups (often referred to as peer advisory groups) are becoming extremely popular. The most successful people recognize the need to see outside of their own limited perspectives. I joined a major national peer advisory group in 2009 for this reason. Unfortunately, nobody in the group had recruitment industry experience, so most of the advice wasn’t applicable. Can you relate to that?

Why is Consistent Peer Advice Is So Helpful?

Running a recruitment firm ain’t easy. Solving the onslaught of problems you face by yourself can be hard and stressful. It’s wiser to team up with people who have successfully dealt with many of the same issues. These people share recruitment best practices on topics such as:

  • Developing quality new business with quality clients.
  • Getting exclusives and retainers rather than being tossed into the commodity bucket.
  • Game-planning and strategizing on thorny situations where you have a lot at stake.
  • Tough decision on whether or not to hire or fire recruitment consultants and others.
  • New areas of specialization, working remotely, better tools and technology, effective marketing, etc.
  • Whether you should have people engaged in full cycle recruiting or a more narrow focus.

Your difficult issues can take you “out of your game” and disrupt your momentum. Frustration, stress, lost revenue, and business failure can result if you don’t solve them promptly and effectively. What if you could get real-time, practical advice to help you take action and solve these problems now? A safe environment of non-competitor, recruitment industry peers whom you get to know and trust. A place where you can have fun and rewarding interactions in the process.

The reality is that you can with PlacementMasters mastermind groups. If you are interested in discovering and collaborating with your peers to learn how to scale a staffing business, join PlacementMasters!