What people are saying

I had the privilege to be coached by Brad Wolff. I run a fast-paced Chiropractic business covering many responsibilities from patient care, staff leadership development and training, marketing, and financial management. In addition, I am a husband and have two amazing children that I want to spend as much “present time” with.

Brad truly listened to me and understood the challenges I faced in balancing ownership of a business with my family life and health. He was tuned into my inner world and was able to help me see things more clearly and calmly so I could make better decisions. Additionally, Brad was able to help me clarify the challenges I faced and supported me in identifying wider range of solutions that I could see on my own. With Brad’s support, I was able to develop clear and simple actions steps to do every week so that I made the progress I wanted to make. Brad’s encouragement, faith and sense of humor made the process fun and helped my through the ups and downs that I, or any business owner faces. Seek Brad out if you want to gain even better clarity, balance, and a true sense of fulfillment.

Dr. Eric Janowitz, D.C.

Clinic Director

Brad and his coaching programs have helped me visualize my goals and allow me to create great plans to stay on track for success. We have developed a comprehensive program to deliver a series of goals over 2 years covering health, fitness and career. I am a much more patient and thoughtful leader under his guidance. I also follow through and take action on things that I could easily not do without his support and accountability.
Dan Marx

CFO, Moore Transport

Brad has helped me break through several mental blocks, including a huge one that had me completely stuck in my business. Since breaking through that block, I’ve released my new program and brought in four new clients.

Brad is compassionate, practical, and funny. He’s a powerful coach, and I highly recommend him.

Cara Stein, Ph.D., CPC, ELI-MP

Owner, 17000 Days