“I have been working with Brad Wolff of PeopleMax for about five to six months now and it’s been an incredible experience. Brad’s really good at helping find clarity, working with accountability, and problem-solving. He really helps me look at behavioral patterns and open my eyes to certain things that I do and things for me to work on. Overall, my experience has been really great, and it’s been impactful in my business. I’m grateful for his coaching and if you decide to work with him, he’d be a great coach for you as well.”

Melissa Davs,
Founder of Elev8 Hire Solution

I’ve been working with Brad Wolff as my business advisor and coach. Some of the specific benefits that I’ve received through working with Brad would be accountability to our processes, clarity and purpose within our business, best practices for developing our new strategic business strategies, and tightening up some individual and team processes which are vital to our operation. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone who may be stuck within their business and searching to move their efficiency and processes to the next level.

Andrew Lavoie,
President & CEO of Next Level Group

“We’ve been working with Brad for training and development and as a mentor and business advisor to us for a while. He’s helped us with:

  • Onboarding and training
  • Providing us actual documentation and plans for how we go about bringing new people on board
  • How we develop our own practices each week
  • What our plans and our agenda are
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And, he keeps us committed. He gives us an outline of what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it. It’s helped us during a very difficult market that we’ve never experienced. And it’s given us hope and plans. Beyond that, got a lot of integrity and is very trustworthy. He’s very responsive…he’s answered any questions we have right away. He always does what he says he’ll do and provides substance that’s detailed and very strategic.

He’s a very smart and I know we could trust working with him. He’s held us accountable in many ways and given us hope through a difficult time. I would highly, highly recommend working with him and have highly recommended people working with them.”

Robin Wilson Payn,
Co – Owner of McNeal & Payne Talent

“I’m Danny Timblin. I am the Chief Growth Officer for Life and Specialty Ventures. I first met Brad Wolff about 15 years ago in his capacity as a recruiter. I worked with him both as a client of his and then also as a candidate with him helping me out, over that 15 year period. I’ve come to appreciate the relationship with Brad more so in a leadership coaching capacity simply because he’s helped me navigate some very complex, professional and impersonal situations that led to some great outcomes, not only for my career, but also for my family. I would highly recommend Brad not only because of the the leadership coaching expertise that he brings, but also the deep experience and expertise that he has on the staffing and recruiting side of this industry.”

Danny Timblin,
Chief Growth Officer for Life and Specialty Ventures

“Brad and his coaching programs have helped me visualize my goals and allow me to create great plans to stay on track for success. We have developed a comprehensive program to deliver a series of goals over 2 years covering health, fitness and career. I am a much more patient and thoughtful leader under his guidance. I also follow through and take action on things that I could easily not do without his support and accountability.”

Dan Marx,
Finance and Operations Leader of multiple companies

“I’ve worked with Brad in various capacities over the past several years. He’s helped me do a better job as a leader in terms of defining and clarifying what’s important to me , getting better results with my employees, and hiring the right people. Brad brings a broad range of experience and a commitment to listen and understand his client’s needs. His knowledge, perception, depth and objectivity have helped us succeed. I recommend Brad to organizations that want to improve their results.”

Garret Massey,
President, Cortex and Polyglot Labs


“I’m Christopher Drew. I’m a president of a company called A – R – T and Associates in Atlanta. I’ve been working with Brad for a couple of years. He is very client focused. He allows our sessions to be client directed.  The things that have personally helped me, is that he helped me identify the vision and direction in which I’m going to lead the company. It’s what helped me work through some interpersonal issues and how I relate with the dynamics of having employees.  That has been quite helpful for me to not be confrontational, but to be more of a leader. And finally, he’s helped in improving the quality of work/life balance. The quality of life is a little bit better. I worry less about work when I’m not at work and I worry less that I’m not fulfilling things at home when I’m at work. And so overall, my whole life has been more productive.”

Christopher Drew,
CEO of A – R – T & Associates

My name is Dr. Eric Janowitz . I own and operate Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic. And I have had the privilege of coaching under Brad and he has really helped me out in a lot of critical ways. Anyone who owns and operates a practice runs into the daily issues that can occur in a business. And it’s really important to have a sounding board and Brad really served in that capacity. So if you’re looking to have Leadership Development and Training and really learning how to unlock your potential, I strongly encourage you to pursue Brad and to meet with him!”

Dr. Eric Janowit,
Owner at Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic

“This is Cara Stein from 17,000 Days. I’d like to talk a little bit about Brad Wolff and how his coaching has really helped me and transformed my business. When I first met Brad, I was working really, really hard to create a business that was  really somebody else’s vision that I was trying to make myself want and trying to make myself create. In working with Brad, I came to realize what I really wanted. There were just a few really crucial insights that I needed to have in order to get out of my own way and start building the business of my dreams and actually let the success in. A lot of times it’s easy to miss the fact that that’s an issue, but you can’t see your own stuff.

That’s why it’s helpful to have a coach. They can help you see it because they’re outside of your situation. And one of Brad’s greatest strengths, is really helping you come to the realizations that you need in order to move forward and be your greatest self. And I really couldn’t be where I am without having the work that Brad and I did together. I really appreciate everything that he helped me learn and helped me to see.

Since our work together and as a result of our work together, I’ve created the business that I always dreamed of having and that I was trying for years to build. I’ve actually got that now and it’s working and I’m really grateful. For anybody who’s thinking of working with Brad, I definitely, can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Cara Stein
Owner of Project Bestseller