BRAD WOLFF: Scaling Your Agency with Systems and Processes


In this episode, Marcus Edwardes speaks with Brad Wolff, of PeopleMax, a business expert and advisor with over 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry.

Tune in to listen to Brad speaking about how recruiters can deal with scaling problems through systems, processes, and technology, especially content outreach on LinkedIn and email outreach. He also shares his insights on the best cold calls tips, minimizing defensiveness and resistance in getting clients, and how agency owners or recruiters should embrace metrics to help them move forward. Be sure to also get great tips on job orders and managing clients.

Notable Quotes

●      There are always many new things to learn, especially today when the industry seems to be accelerating in different directions.

●      Scaling has to do with how you grow and do more without you personally having to do more.

●      Defensiveness is the enemy of being able to build relationships and get clients.

●      You want something that feels and syncs with who you are.

●      Nothing works for everyone. At the end of the day, we are just working with human psychology.

●      Defensiveness is the resistance that keeps you from getting clients. Minimize resistance!

●      Nothing that works now will continue to work indefinitely. Everything has its time; the system is constantly changing.

●      Sales to me is simply as soon as the process moves to the actual human-to-human conversation. That’s when you’ve crossed over from marketing into sales.

●      If you can get the key things you need with a three metrics, don’t use more than three. More is not better with the metrics.

●      You want metrics that are very simple to understand and measure, as much as possible.

●      The metrics should be designed as a roadmap to help people stay focused on the most important things instead of a punishment.

●      Teach recruiters to understand how a metrics can impact their performance.

●      You can do anything in your life if you know how to do it.

●      No today does not mean No tomorrow.

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