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Thriving in a Changing World

Workforce optimization is the process of creating a competitive edge by developing a flexible, adaptive, learning organization. You can have great success in our fast-changing, unpredictable world.


“Brad is an exceptionally sophisticated and scientific professional with a unique and effective recruiting process. He genuinely cares for his clients and is interested in their success.”

—Jim Frentheway
Former Director, HR
Kumho Tire Georgia Inc.

here’s the reality:

  • The “traditional approach” to managing organizations was effective but now results in high-turnover, low engagement, reduced creativity & innovation, low productivity, and risk of business failure.
  • You can have the dominant product or service today and be obsolete almost overnight
  • With the “war on talent,” it is increasingly difficult to hire and retain the people you need
  • It’s is not only the threats you know about, it’s the unknown, unpredictable ones that can destroy you
  • The most valuable skill an organization can have today is the ability to quickly adapt to almost anything

In this Executive Session, attendees will discover:

  • Why the traditional approach to managing organizations is no longer effective.
  • What a flexible, adaptive, “learning organization” is and why this mindset and culture is so important.
  • 3 key principles Google applies to develop the culture that optimizes their workforce
  • The 7 steps to optimize their workforce
  • The 4 step process to help people willingly choose to make sustainable changes
  • How to create transformational changes rather than small incremental change

Brad Wolff
People Maximizer and Bestselling Author of People Problems?

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frequently asked questions

Who is this designed for?

Turning People Problems into People Solutions is designed for Organizational Leaders and Human Resources who are searching for a way to thrive in a vastly changing world.

How do we get Turning people problems into people solutions started?

PeopleMax offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help your organization understand the real causes and solutions to your workforce challenges. Delivery options include:

  • Keynote speaking
  • Full-day executive sessions
  • Individual and group coaching, mentoring and education
  • Assessment and evaluation of problems

What results can we expect?

  • Develop an understanding of the workforce optimization process that creates a flexible, adaptive learning organization. With this knowledge, you are able to start taking effective action.
  • Learn a practical 7-step model to implement workforce optimization in your organization. Save a tremendous amount of time, money and frustration from figuring everything out as you go.
  • Apply solid evidence from organizations who achieve exceptional results using these proven principles. Break through the normal resistance that transformational ideas often face.
  • Develop practical solutions to old problems that your organization has been stuck in for years. Be someone who solves problems when others complain or give up.
  • Utilize a proven methodology that encourages everyone to choose to adapt, learn and grow in order to be more effective. Become the flexible, adaptive organization you can be.

Brad Wolff and his team will take the time to learn about your biggest challenges, concerns and desires in advance. This program is customized to fit your greatest needs and interests. Together, we’ll gain clarity on your unique issues and effective solutions. You’ll leave our program with an actionable plan to take positive steps for a competitive edge right out of the gate instead of letting things “die on the vine” when you return to work!

but we’ve already made a substantial investment in addressing our rapidly changing environment

Many clients have already made investments in adapting to change. Our programs help you take a “fresh look” at your challenges that includes examples from organizations that are achieving outstanding results. We address common misconceptions about change that can help prevent you from going in the wrong direction. We complement and supplement existing gaps between current efforts and desired outcomes. This way you make your investments in the places that make the most sense.

How is working with Brad Wolff different than working with other speakers?

Brad has worked in the recruiting and talent management field for over 20 years. He’s had a “first-hand view” of what works, what doesn’t and why. And now he’s applying this knowledge uniquely to the manufacturing, distribution and construction industries. Brad understands your issues surrounding pay, vacation, turnover, safety, advancement and recognition more than speakers who focus on outside industries. You’ll get solutions to your unique challenges, not one-size-fits-all theory.

Brad puts an equal emphasis on the critical months after the program. After all, you don’t want to simply increase knowledge. You want lasting change in how people think and behave… True learning and development (not just knowledge) that positively impacts your bottom line and culture. No more “pumped up and excited” when leaving the session only to see people revert to their old ways within a few months. Brad can customize a program for repetition, reinforcement and application so your investment produces desired results permanently!

To schedule a discovery call with Brad about speaking at your event, contact (678) 229-2413 or bwolff@peoplemaximizers.com

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