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Your people are critical to your success. Having a workforce staffed by employees with the right capabilities who also fit your culture and embrace your mission is difficult indeed. Most organizations struggle to do this well.

“Brad is an exceptionally sophisticated and scientific professional with a unique and effective recruiting process. He genuinely cares for his clients and is interested in their success.”
—Jim Frentheway
Former Director, HR
Kumho Tire Georgia Inc.

consider the following:

  • In most companies, only 22% of employees are top performers and 78% are low performers. Would you like to reverse this ratio?
  • Would you like to know how to maximize your employees’ strengths and minimize their weaknesses?
  • Would you like to know where poor performers might fit better, so you have the option to create a win-win move rather than terminating them?
  • Bad hires are common, yet some organizations have a 95% top-performer hire rate. Would you like to this to be your reality?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, People Maximizer™ provides a scientific method that’s proven to deliver these results. Contact (678) 229-2413 or to get started.

Brad Wolff
People Maximizer and Bestselling Author of People Problems?

frequently asked questions

Who is this designed for?

People Maximizer™ is designed to help organizational leaders and human resource professionals make objective, intelligent decisions that maximize their “human capital” assets. Companies often increase profitability 2-300% after implementing this scientific approach to hiring and repositioning staff.

How can we benefit from People Maximizer™?

PeopleMax and Brad Wolff offer solutions to help your organization maximize employee alignment, creating a hiring process to bring in only top performers and avoid bad hires. The end result is greater employee engagement, higher productivity, lower turnover and increased profits. The cost of each hire drops, and precious HR resources are preserved.

How do we get People Maximizer™ started?

PeopleMax offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help your organization understand the real causes and solutions to your workforce challenges. Delivery options include:

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Full-day Executive Sessions
  • Individual and group coaching, mentoring and education
  • Assessment and evaluation of problems

but we’ve already made a substantial investment in hiring the right people and developing the people we have.

This is often the case. The best professionals in talent acquisition are usually stretched thin and want to increase their organization’s success—of which they are clearly a crucial part! Even the most talented HR team is still subject to the hiring-success ratios mentioned above. Unfortunately, they are at a clear disadvantage without using a proven, science-based method to match job tasks with innate nature. Here’s where People Maximizer™ fits into your current model:

What results can we expect?

The People Maximizer™ approach helps you create the following in your organization:

  • Employees performing work that aligns with their innate nature and abilities so you maximize productivity, profitability and engagement
  • Improved quality of hires so you can stop the turnover, negative morale and lost productivity that come from bad hires
  • Higher job satisfaction as staff is tasked with work they enjoy that uses their gifts
  • A competitive edge in recruiting: people who love their jobs rave about their companies
  • A better work environment, without the friction caused by people who don’t align with their jobs

How is working with Brad Wolff different than working with other speakers?

Brad Wolff and his team will take the time to learn about your biggest challenges, concerns and desires in advance. Our program is customized to fit your greatest needs and interests. Together, we’ll develop a clear understanding of your unique issues and how they can be resolved. You’ll leave our first meeting with an actionable plan. Take positive steps for a competitive edge right out of the gate instead of letting things “die on the vine” when you return to work!

Brad Wolff has worked in the recruiting and talent management field for over 20 years. He’s seen company after company attempt to fix poor performance on their own, and seen them fail. He knows what works, what doesn’t and why.

Brad has 10+ years’ experience with multiple assessment and interviewing methodologies, so he understands the plusses and minuses of different approaches. He knows that some of the biggest names in assessments were never meant to be used as hiring tools, and he knows which ones are specifically designed for this purpose.

Brad utilizes a holistic approach to help you understand how your employee-alignment, leadership, strategy, and culture issues taken together impact your employee-alignment problems. With a holistic viewpoint, you can ensure that People Maximizer™ creates better results without the negative consequences that could easily result from studying employee engagement in isolation.




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