Online Course for Recruiting Firms

Moving from Contingency to Retained

Stop wasting your hard work! Discover how to break the “commodity recruiter barrier” to become a “Trusted Advisor Recruiting Partner.”

In this course you will learn proven principles, strategies, and tactics including step-by-step frameworks, that you can easily apply. Now your clients and prospects realize why it is in their best interest to move from a one-sided contingency relationship to a mutually committed / retained basis.

Most recruiting firms struggle because:

They’ve been conditioned to believe that they have to work on a contingency basis

They are afraid to say “No” to the wrong opportunities
Their clients think a contingency basis is the best way to work

They haven’t learned a proven way to secure retainers with committed clients who value them

In this program you’ll learn a proven process to:

Change a client’s or prospect’s perception of your company, from “just another recruiting firm” to a trusted advisor

Stop losing, time, money, and resources when you’re working on your clients’ behalf

Recommend and receive upfront retainers with exclusives that set you up to succeed

Prevent the overwhelming feelings and frustrations that comes from saying “YES” to difficult, unrealistic clients who don’t value you.

Move from Contingency to Retained Online Course for Recruiting Firms

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I’m Judd Borakove of Red Monkey Consulting. I wanted to move from contingency to retainer because the market had gotten to a place where, as a contingency firm, you are competing it’s way too many people.

There was too much inconsistency and you became commoditized. And that that shift was so important to change our business and how we approach business, so it was no brainer. What’s different about our business now that we’re working on retained? I’m going to kind of say everything. The bigger picture is that we get to be picky with our clients.

Our recruiters are very excited to work on roles, because there’s now skin in the game and it allows them to know that we have these roles and we’re not competing. And when we do this we produce at the level we know we can.

Our clients ask us to do more work, so it has really changed the entire business and the way that we’re positioned in our clients eyes. When new business comes in the door that’s referred to us and we explain this to them, it makes sense to them. So, it’s just been a game changer for us!

The things we’re most helpful in the training that Brad provided? I’d probably say his guidance in general. You know the training seems simple, but it was kind of scary when you haven’t done it before. He made it very approachable and easy to understand how to do it. How to be comfortable asking and knowing what to do in the situation.

Judd Borakove
Partner, Red Monkey Consulting

About Brad Wolf

Brad has 28 years of experience in the recruiting industry and founded two successful firms. In addition he has years of experience teaching recruiting firms a proven process to move from commodity contingency to respected retained recruiting.