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Meet Brad

“Brad, thank you for your expertise and passion. Your presentation, and the skill in which you transfer knowledge, will help us all to transform our companies. You have an uncanny ability to show us how to better create an amazing work environment that in turn helps to meet our goals and objectives.”
—Glenn Furneaux
Past Human Resources Vice President of Coca-Cola Enterprises
Owner of an Atlanta-based HR consulting company


“Brad is an exceptionally sophisticated and scientic professional with a unique and effective recruiting process. He genuinely cares for his clients and is interested in their success.”

—Jim Frentheway
Former Director, HR, Kumho Tire Georgia Inc.


 “Brad, your presentation to our CEO group was very informative and entertaining. As a company, we’ve had very mixed results in hiring so your explanation of how to use a science-based approach was very timely. The presentation was clear and easy to understand. I left the meeting ready to get started with your system and approach to the hiring process.”

—John Pawlak
CEO, ClaimsComp