Leading Through Coronavirus Week 9

Staffing Industry Lesson: Tide’s Coming in


We’re in the ninth week of the Staffing & Recruiting Leaders Mastermind Group.  Each session is unique in terms of the mix of people, topics of discussion, and energy. What remains constant is the desire to help one another. 

The trend of the group is clear now: The tide has shifted, and new job orders are coming in as almost most places in North America attempt to restore a more normal economy.   Certainly, we are in the early stages of the recovery and the flow isn’t like a raging river.  However, the improvement has been noticeable enough over three weeks to constitute a trend. 

As was the case last week, nobody’s emotional state worsened since the previous week which is another good sign.  35% of participants reported an improvement in their emotional state while 65% said that their condition remained the same. 

Breakout Discussions and takeaways
We separated into small groups of three-four people in video breakout rooms for participants to discuss a challenge they’d like to receive online recruitment training on from others.

Some of the issues addressed included:

  • How aggressively should we try to sell vs. just connecting with clients?
  • Where should I focus on and prioritize my time?
  • How do we project our revenue?
  • How can I manage my lack of knowledge and control over the environment?
  • How do we pivot from being candidate recruiting focused sales/job order focused?

Some of the takeaways from the meeting that multiple people shared included:

  • Make more calls to clients and prospects now and offer something of value
  • It’s reassuring to have a community of people dealing with the same issues
  • It’s encouraging to hear that people are experiencing greater hiring demand now

It’s gratifying to see people leave the meeting with more energy and optimism based on data that supports it.  I’m honored to facilitate the “Leading Through Coronavirus Virtual Mastermind Group” for a growing community of staffing and recruiting industry leaders.   This group is open to other staffing industry leaders who’d like to both give and receive help.  The frequency has now changed to the first and third Tuesday of each month from 12-1 pm EDT. The next one is 5/19/2020 and then 6/2/20.  Just click on https://zoom.us/j/3571033654.  

There’s no invitation or sign-up. Put it on your calendar as a recurring item to hop on and participate.  This is a group of experienced people who have a great deal of collective wisdom and are glad to help each other with relevant advice and encouragement. We hope to see you at the next one!