Leading Through Coronavirus Session 10

Placement Industry Lesson: We’re in Recovery


This was the tenth session of the Staffing & Recruiting Leaders Mastermind Group.  Participants are consistently reporting that we’re in the business recovery process. All North America is now opening their economies to varying degrees.

This session had the highest level of optimism ever with everyone reporting new job order activity and discussion of future hiring needs! People are busier with placement related activities and are welcoming the shift.

Breakout Discussions and takeaways
We separated into small groups of three-four people in video breakout rooms for participants to discuss a challenge or question for which they’d like to receive input from others.

Some of the problems and questions addressed included:

  • Clients who are afraid to make a hire based on Zoom interviews alone
  • How to keep motivated and energized with constant rejections
  • Bringing in job orders with companies willing to hire immediately
  • When and how to flex on fees
  • Moving the entire team to virtual in-home offices going forward

Some of the takeaways from the meeting that multiple people shared included:

  • Keep in regular contact with your team to keep positive and engaged
  • Get in contact with your clients, prospects, and candidates even more now
  • Capitalize on the positive energy and signs to act now
  • Look at ways to move from brick and mortar only office space

There was high energy to put recruitment strategy takeaways into action right away!

This group is open to placement industry leaders who’d like to both give and receive help.  The frequency has now changed to the first and third Tuesday of each month from 12-1 pm EDT. The next one is 6/2/20 on https://zoom.us/j/3571033654.  With the ongoing return of business throughout North America, it looks like the need for this group is about to end.  I’m glad I’ve been able to participate in this journey!