Leadership team Coaching

Having leaders work together in an open, collaborative manner fosters synergy that yields far greater results than each working separately ever could.. 

Unfortunately, group dynamics often lead to negative working relationships due to past differences and conflicts that erode trust and cooperation. When this is the case, the result is lower engagement and suboptimal results.

Many leaders choose small group coaching programs to improve trust and cooperation. The results are enhanced collaborative relationships that lead to greater productivity, profitability and engagement.

You live in an environment that’s constantly changing in ways you can’t predict. You know how difficult it is to adapt and thrive (and even survive) under these conditions. Unless you simply give up, you have two options:

  • Hope the world somehow changes to meet your wishes
  • Find ways to adapt and get better

Unless you’ve got a fairy godmother or genie on your payroll, the second option may be more viable. This is where coaching can help.

Virtually all professional athletes, sports teams, entertainers and executives of major corporations utilize professional coaches. They consider it essential to ensure success and maximize their potential in an ultra-competitive, challenging world. 

15 years as a co-owner in the staffing/recruiting industry  taught Brad lessons about what works and what doesn’t when leaders work together. The same differences that cause conflict can be used to create synergy and better results.

As a business leader Brad experienced both failure and success.  The lessons he learned gave him deeper insights into leading and personal development than you would ever get from a book. 

Through research, training and experience in the field of human potential, Brad helps clients be more of who they want to be to themselves and others which leads to greater success, less stress and more fulfillment.  

Specific Goals of Group Coaching Include:

  • Develop shared focus and expectations of desired outcomes. This fosters more collaborative and positive working relationships
  • Develop agreements on how people will communicate and work together to improve working relationships. This paves the way for more cooperation and teamwork.

  • Develop team goals and individual goals that align and support each other. This focuses people’s energy on supporting each other’s success.
  • Develop appropriate systems of feedback, encouragement and accountability. This leads to a more positive organizational culture that improves productivity, profitability and engagement.
  • Why leaders who want to excel turn to Brad…

    • Brad uses “whole-brain” coaching to help you combine the logical “left brain” and the intuitive “right-brain” for the best results.  The majority of your awareness and mental power lies in your unconscious mind which is accessed through your right brain. Traditional coaching is mostly left-brain focused. Brad uses techniques to help you access more of your intuition and creativity to create better solutions and accelerate attainment of your goals.
    • Brad helps you build on your leadership strengths and develop solutions to your weaknesses to produce the organizational and personal outcomes you desire

    • Brad’s helps you set clear, meaningful goals that align with your organizational and personal mission and values.  This way your accomplishments benefit your organization and are fulfilling to you

    • Brad shows clients how to turn good intentions and ideas into action so goals get accomplished and you set the right example for your people

    • Brad helps you identify and overcome obstacles that hold you back so you become the leader you want to be