It IS About You!

Is the podcast that helps you grow your authority and make more money with less stress.


It IS About You! is the voice of business and leadership success from recruiting and staffing expert, Brad Wolff. When it comes to engaging with clients, prospects and employees, Brad has already produced hours of high-impact content from thought leading experts.

It IS About You! focuses on what makes YOU and your organization unique and valuable to your clients, prospects and employees.

The format of the podcast is an unscripted conversation that Is About YOU, and your unique views about running a successful business and being an effective leader


Stacey Ruth, CEO Inside-Out Marketing

“I was recently a guest on Brad’s “It IS All About You!” podcast. His interview style is extremely engaging and conversational. I felt that my content was able to reach an entirely new audience and was excited by how aligned and timely it felt to be on his show. The response I got has been wildly positive!”

John Brantley, President Auxin 360 Inc

“I was a guest on the “It IS About You” podcast with Brad Wolff.  As a leadership thought leader, I was captured by the purpose of the podcast. As leaders, it is about you. Together we zeroed in on the core things as leaders that turn average into exception and struggle into acceleration. Brad’s thought provoking questions created a simply and powerful way for me to share my ideas to help leaders excel. Working with Brad was powerful.”

Dave Nast, CEO & Managing Partner of Nast Partners

“Brad had me as a guest on his podcast “It IS About You”. Brad was the consummate host.  He took time to prepare for the podcast with a pre-call.  And he asked me great questions that allowed me to expand on my background, relevancy of my expertise, and the results that I get for my clients.  Brad’s podcast serves as a great anchor for anyone’s marketing efforts to reach a broader audience. “

Melissa Gratias, Owner and Principle Progress Not Perfection, LLC,

“I was a guest on the “It IS About You” podcast with Brad Wolff. What a great experience! Brad offered excellent direction before, during, and after we recorded the session. He is a great conversationalist and brings out the best in his guests. I am thrilled to be able to share such a professionally-produced recording with my social media followers. Brad definitely makes his guests shine.”

I’m Brad Wolff. My passion is helping business leaders like you adapt to rapid, disruptive change and develop a high retention, productive, engaged workforce. This allows you to gain a competitive advantage while reducing stress and burnout.

Since change is unpredictable and accelerating, future success requires leaders to develop both greater personal capacity and skills. It always begins and ends with YOU. This podcast provides an opportunity for you to get your unique message out to your clients, prospects, and employees.

Since I’ve walked in your shoes for over 20 years in the staffing & recruiting industry, I understand the challenges you face in today’s world.

Let’s share your message with your audience and mine
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The format of the podcast is an unscripted conversation that Is About YOU

This may include:

The path that led you to the recruiting and staffing industry

What excites you about what you do

What’s special about your organization

What you see as the keys to business and leadership success

How your own personal development impacts the success of you and others

The unique benefits your clients get from working with your organization

How your organization contributes to the professional and personal success of your employees

Any specific practices that are key to your own personal development

A significant obstacle or failure that contributed to the success of you or your organization

Anything else you’d like to share that’s key to your message

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