PEOPLEMAX HELPS your Staffing & REcruiting BUSINESS make more money with less stress

PeopleMax helps owners of small-mid sized Staffing & Recruiting firms:   

  • Develop a true competitive edge to increase your confidence and feel more valued for what you deliver. 
  • Adapt and thrive during rapid, disruptive changes in your environment. Gain control over your results to achieve greater success and financial stability 
  • Achieve greater employee productivity, engagement and retention to increase profitability while lowering your stress and overwhelm 
  • Grow and develop personally to handle more of life’s challenges with less stress



Do you sometimes feel like a commodity when you know you should stand out as unique and valuable?

Are you concerned by conditions such as changes in client needs, competition, supply and demand for your candidates, and the economy?

Are you alarmed by your people  stressing-out, maxing-out or burning-out?

Are you upset that your people are creating too many lost deals, unhappy clients, negatively impacting your culture, and causing high turnover?

Are you troubled that your people aren’t improving and contributing more to your bottom line?

This could be you instead!

You’re excited about standing out from your competitors. You feel more valued and you make more money with less frustration.

You’re confident about your organization’s ability to adapt to change to capture a competitive advantage.

You’re pleased to know that your people are energized and fulfilled in their jobs.

You’re delighted by the improvements in your fill-ratios, client satisfaction and engagement due to getting hiring and  culture right.

You’re fulfilled as a leader.  Your people are growing and making a more positive impact on your organization and clients.

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