Frequently Asked Questions

This video answers some of the most frequently asked questions about working with PeopleMax.

1. Why do companies work with PeopleMax?

People typically come to PeopleMax either because they are frustrated with people problems such as poor performance, high turnover, a negative culture, etc., or they feel they are doing okay but can do even better.

2. Why are people problems like high turnover, poor performance, and negative culture so common?

There are several causes but the foundational cause is that a substantial portion of the work that most employees do is out of alignment with their core nature.

3. Wouldn’t providing better training, development and leadership greatly improve the number of top performers?

Certainly this would have some benefit, but by itself, it wouldn’t address the core issue of employee alignment. If people don’t like the work they do, the other positives will not offset this.

4. What do you mean when you “employee alignment”?

Employee alignment refers to the how well the duties of the job align with the natural gifts or core nature of employees. A common example of poor job alignment is a highly creative person doing routine work that requires closely following policies procedures. Since we’re talking about people’s innate or natural makeup, training and development will not fix these alignment issues.

5. What results can companies expect when working with PeopleMax?

By aligning the work people do with their core nature, organizations can create a culture of top performers. Most organizations increase profitability by 15-30% in the first six months and 100% or more in the first 12 months. This increases even more in the following years due to the compounding effect of these changes.

6. How are you able to achieve such big results?

When you do the math, it’s pretty straightforward. The top 20% of your workforce typically produces 2- 3 times more than the rest. Just imagine what your company could produce if 80% of your workforce were the top performers instead! Or, imagine how many fewer people you’d need to do the same work at this level of productivity.

7. Why can’t we just solve these problems on our own, especially if we have an HR Department?

There are three basic reasons this is difficult to do on your own:

  1. There are two views in any situation: the inside view and the outside view. Each view provides a 180-degree perspective. The only way to get a 360-degree perspective is to add an outside view.
  2. It’s very difficult to reliably and objectively identify an individual’s core nature. You need the right tool to do this well. Traditional personality assessments are not the right too.
  3. For a given role, it’s hard to accurately identify which specific core nature traits and the level they need to be at in order to align well with a particular role.

8. Who is this for?

If you’re the leader of a manufacturing, distribution or construction company and you’re committed to achieving outstanding results, dramatically increasing your profits, and making your company a place where people love to work, this is for you. But it’s not for everyone.

If you’re not open to new ideas, this is not for you. If you believe you’re already doing the best you possibly could, it’s not for you. Above all, if you’re afraid of change, this is not for you. But if you’re ready to transform your workforce into a high-performance team that creates best-in-class products and profit, I’d love to work with you.

9. What does it cost to work with PeopleMax?

Not the $200,000 or more that leading consulting companies charge to deliver less than 20% of our return on investment. Our most basic programs start at $10-15k and deliver 10-20x ROI for our typical projects.

10. How much time will I or my people need to invest to cause your programs to deliver the benefits?

It depends on the program. It can range from 2 hours to a full day with periodic phone conversations as needed. The key thing to realize is that our work helps our clients save significant time and effort that they are already investing that yield suboptimal results.

What’s the next step?

Let’s get on the phone. We’ll talk about where you are, what you need, action steps to maximize your profits, and how I can help. Click here to set up your call. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Thank you!