Create a Path to Your Desired Future

Who will benefit? Leaders of Small to Mid-sized Staffing & Recruiting Firms

As a leader of a Small to mid-sized Recruitment firm, your world is constantly changing in ways you can’t predict. You know how difficult it is to adapt and thrive (and even survive) under these conditions. If you’re not constantly adapting, you’re falling behind. Unless you quit, you’re faced with two options:

  • Hope the world somehow changes to meet your wishes
  • Find ways to adapt and get better

Unless you’ve got a fairy godmother or genie on your payroll, the second option may be more viable. This is where coaching can help.


Virtually all professional athletes, sports teams, entertainers and executives of major corporations utilize professional coaches. They consider it essential to ensure success and maximize their potential in an ultra-competitive, challenging world. 

Brad worked 25 years in recruiting with 15 years a founder and co-owner of two firms. He’s walked in your shoes and sat in your seat!  He learned from both failure and success and has broad knowledge and experience in the processes and technology areas of the business: competitive strategy, sales & marketing, recruiting & sourcing, client & candidate relations, business & administration, and finance & accounting.  

In addition, he’s developed expertise in two areas that are the biggest difference makers in recruiting industry success: leadership and personal development. This is where your true competitive advantage will come.  Leadership and personal development is what makes the difference in the effectiveness of the process and technology areas.

Through research, training and experience in the field of human potential, Brad helps clients become more of who they want to be to as leaders and human beings.  This leads to to greater success, less stress and more fulfillment.  

Benefits of coaching with Brad include:

  • More clarity around purpose, goals, strategy, and tactics.  Decisions and actions that align with who you are for greater productivity with less stress and more fulfillment.
  • Greater ability to stay focused on what matters most instead of distractions and overwhelm.  Do the things that really drive you forward.
  • Change self-defeating beliefs, habits and behaviors to improve your relationships, productivity, and impact on others

  • Higher levels of energy and health to increase productivity efficiency and enjoyment  
  • Be in the driver’s seat of your life rather than at the mercy of outside forces


Why recruitment firm owners turn to Brad

  • Brad uses “whole-brain” coaching to help you combine the logical “left brain” and the intuitive “right-brain” for the best results.  The majority of your awareness and mental power lies in your unconscious mind which is accessed through your right brain. Traditional coaching is mostly left-brain focused. Brad uses techniques to help you access more of your intuition and creativity to create better solutions and accelerate attainment of your goals.
  • Brad helps you build on your strengths and develop solutions to your weaknesses to produce optimal results faster and easier than on your own.

  • Brad’s helps you set clear, meaningful goals that align with your purpose and values.  This way your accomplishments  are fulfilling to you.

  • Brad helps clients turn good intentions and ideas into action. Now your goals get accomplished and you set the right example for your people

  • Brad helps you identify and overcome obstacles that hold you back so you grow and develop into the person you want to be.