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You live in an environment that’s constantly changing in ways you can’t predict. You know how difficult it is to adapt and thrive (and even survive) under these conditions. Unless you simply give up, you have two options:

  • Hope the world somehow changes to meet your wishes
  • Find ways to adapt and get better

Unless you’ve got a fairy godmother or genie on your payroll, the second option may be more viable. This is where coaching can help.

Virtually all professional athletes, sports teams, entertainers and executives of major corporations utilize professional coaches. They consider it essential to ensure success and maximize their potential in an ultra-competitive, challenging world. What about you?

is this you?

  • You have so many things to do that sometimes you’re not even sure where to begin.
  • You want to spend more time doing what you’re really good at and enjoy, but you keep getting pulled away by everything else.
  • You’re doing well overall and have a desire to get even better, smarter and more efficient without working harder.
  • You’re getting stuck in the same problems and want to solve them so you can finally move on to other things. 
  • You have key employees/leaders who could really soar if they got help where they struggle. 
  • You just don’t have the energy, enthusiasm or passion you desire, and you’re ready to change that now.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You want a clear, inspiring vision that provides you with the energy and direction to be successful. Stop letting distractions, crises and burnout get in the way of who you want to be.
  • You want to maximize leadership effectiveness in yourself and your leaders, so you can create the highly engaged, productive workforce that makes a great culture.
  • You want everyone on your staff—including yourself—to focus the majority of work time on activities they naturally excel at and enjoy. Stop allowing gifts and profits to be squandered by poor job alignment.
  • You and your leaders want to keep getting better at solving problems and adapting to change. Get an edge in our highly competitive, rapidly changing world.
  • You want to find practical ways to take the effective action you really want to take. Stop letting procrastination rob your potential, erode your confidence or frustrate you.

About Brad Wolff
as a coach

Hi, I’m Brad Wolff.

My passion is empowering people to create the business success and life-fulfillment they desire. I’m talking about lasting change—transformation at a deep level—not “quick fix” surface makeovers. They don’t last.

I specialize in helping people achieve greater business success. Often this also involves achieving balance with their personal lives.

My inspiration comes from my own life experiences. I have worked in different careers, started businesses and dealt with major upheavals that led to my own reinvention and greater success. I have plenty of experience with both success and failure. I’ve been divorced and happily remarried, suffered an identity crisis and struggled with the challenges of parenting. I can personally relate to business and life challenges. I can help you create a better reality.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through iPEC. I regularly participate in training and development with leaders in the field of human potential and personal growth and effectiveness. This is my passion!

Coach Brad

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