Episode 11: Overcoming Difficult Obstacles with Tom Raines

by Jul 17, 2019Podcast0 comments

Overcoming difficult obstacles is a hallmark of the most successful people. Tom Raines provides an amazing example that can teach and inspire all of us.  He’s the founder of electric car company Ukeycheyma.  They’re developing a cost-effective electric car that has a far greater range of driving than current vehicles. Tom’s story is a unique and inspirational example of human potential.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Tom’s amazing story of resilience despite numerous obstacles
  • The advantages of not having formal education and training when entering an endeavor
  • How you can do great things despite the discouragement of well-meaning people
  • How you can learn anything you want despite being told otherwise
  • How an emphasis on personal development can pay off for us


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