What Every Business Needs to Learn From Google to Optimize Its People

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Employee Retention, Learn From Google, National Publications, Workforce Optimization

This article was originally published in Entrepreneur. 

Google recognizes maximizing output from its employees is the most important aspect of its business.

Company leaders want to increase productivity, profitability and employee engagement. This is what optimizing their people is about. They frequently think of issues with people, processes and technology as distinct categories. They’re not. In reality, all problems are people problems at their root. People design, implement and execute processes. People develop, select, implement and maintain technology. That’s why optimizing people is the most effective way to optimize processes, technology and overall company results. When asking leaders what their most important responsibility is, most provide the wrong answer. The correct answer is that their most important responsibility is to maximize the company’s return on investment from their people. In other words, optimizing their people.

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