PeopleMax’s mastermind groups (PlacementMasters) help owners of small/mid-sized placement firms  deal with the challenges that are inherent in the business. There’s a pattern to the challenges and solutions you face.

PlacementMasters provides collaborative support from others who are qualified and committed to help you solve your toughest problems such as:

  • Outside pressures to commoditize your work and lower your fill-ratios, fees, and margins
  • Clients trying to fill their own jobs, using multiple competitors, unresponsiveness, closing jobs after you produce, etc.
  • Changes in supply and demand for the people you place
  • Internal employee challenges which include bad hires, high turnover and low productivity & engagement
  • Other challenges and questions such as new areas of specialization, additional locations, etc.


These challenges can create frustration, stress, and financial instability. PlacementMasters help you explore and develop workable solutions in a safe environment.  Leveraging decades of peer success can help you can more easily shift into new behaviors and approaches.  Now you can stop the slow trial and error learning process, and scale your business with better results and less stress. If you’re already doing well, you can scale your business to higher heights and produce better results than on your own.

If you want more profitability with less stress and greater personal satisfaction, PlacementMasters may be for you.  PlacementMasters is a Mastermind group (“Peer Advisory Group”) comprised exclusively of non-competing Staffing & Recruiting firm owners who truly understand your problems.

Why join a PlacementMasters Mastermind Group?

  • Develop a true competitive edge to increase your confidence and feel more valued for what you deliver.
  • Adapt and thrive during rapid, disruptive changes in your environment.  Gain control over your results to achieve greater success and financial stability.
  • Achieve greater employee productivity, engagement and retention to increase profitability while lowering your stress and overwhelm.
  • Grow and develop personally to handle more of life’s challenges with less stress.

PlacementMasters CEO Mastermind Groups provide you with:

  • The ability to connect candidly, and safely with placement industry CEO’s who understand your challenges.  This lowers stress and increases your confidence and well-being.
  • CEOs adding diverse perspectives, experiences, and talents. This magnifies your creativity, innovation, problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Feedback, encouragement, and accountability to help you take more action and overcome more obstacles than you ever would alone. People consistently produce better results when they team up with a support network, vested in one another’s success.
  • Meetings are conducted over videoconference to provide greater convenience (no more wasted time driving) and access to quality-members from across the US.  Traditional, local groups don’t offer this!
  • Video-taped meetings recorded for your review at any time. Don’t forget important details or lose value if you need to miss a meeting.
  • Expand your network to learn about helpful resources, tools, and technologies that give you an edge.
  • PLUS, a bonus of one 90-minute private coaching session with me to help you clarify your goals.

You can’t control our constantly shifting, unpredictable environment.  But you can join forces with people who truly understand your challenges.   Grow and develop to adapt and thrive so that you earn more money with less stress and greater personal satisfaction.

If you’d like to learn more, let’s set a time to discuss further to evaluate the fit.

What Others Are Saying About PlacementMasters:

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"Brad and his masterminds were just phenomenal in giving me the tools to pivot, redirect the business, and develop an alternative marketing strategy. To give you an idea, in the last six weeks , I just did the numbers last night, I've developed 71 new contacts at the director and vice president level in It, HR and sales. None of this would've happened without Brad's participation."

Gareth CallawayPresident and CEO at Gateway Staffing

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"Some of the specific benefits that I received as a result of my participation included everything from navigating the filing of the PPP loan to how to do business development, leading with empathy, negotiating engagement fees in a challenging business climate all the way through to accounts receivable collections."

Debra Young - Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Sheer Velocity

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"I was involved with Brad's program and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to have an opportunity with other recruiters to get together and share information that you normally wouldn't do at a training session or a conference. I highly recommend it."

Clay JohnsonExecutive Vice President of Clifton Johnson Associates

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"This gave me the confidence to move forward and feel that what I was doing was correct as well as getting value from all of the individuals who were part of this mastermind and getting terrific input from that group. I got value from everything that we did. And as I said, summing up, it gave me the confidence to move forward and I'm already more successful than I had been at the beginning."

Don LevineFounder and President at Sharp Search

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"Being able to connect with a group of my peers was tremendously helpful; to exchange ideas with them and get some reassurance with concerns that we had. It was really unique because we were from all over the country and being able to hear other people's perspectives, seeing what they're going through, helped me put my situation in perspective. We really began to work more towards solutions to keep our business going versus just discussing problems that we had. I highly recommend being able to attend a mastermind with Brad if you have that opportunity."

Beverly SmithPresident at Career Staffing Services

My Story

Hi, I’m Brad Wolff. As a founder and co-owner of two Staffing & Recruiting firms, I was buried in difficult problems that I struggled to solve on my own. My challenges included: differentiation from competitors, bad hires/high-turnover, low employee engagement, developing new offerings to gain a competitive edge, executing on ideas, helping people manage the emotional side of the business, etc.  I gained an appreciation for how challenging your world can be.

To deal with these challenges, I joined a well-known “CEO Peer Advisory Group” for support.  But, since the other members worked outside of the staffing and recruiting industry, their advice and suggestions were frequently off-target.  I desperately wanted to collaborate with people like myself, who possessed deep industry knowledge but weren’t competitors. Unfortunately, this option wasn’t available and still isn’t…until TODAY!

In 2016, my passion shifted from running a Staffing & Recruiting firm to helping business leaders achieve greater success. I earned certifications in coaching and leading effective organizational change.  I love helping business leaders transform their results and themselves. My passion is to apply my Staffing & Recruiting industry experience to help you earn more money with less stress.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is PlacementMasters a networking or referral group?
No, this is a peer advisory group whose purpose is to significantly improve your business results through brainstorming, encouragement, accountability, sharing advice amongst your peers.
Who should join a PlacementMasters?
  • You want to earn more money with less stress and greater satisfaction
  • You want to harness the power of many minds working together to solve challenging problems to gain a competitive advantage
  • You want to set more appropriate and inspiring goals
  • You desire more encouragement and accountability to take more action on your goals
  • You want to both receive help and give help
Who should NOT join PlacementMasters? 
  • If you want to do things alone without collaboration
  • If you are not interested in growing and improving your business
  • If you’re not open to giving and receiving help
  • If you aren’t willing and able to commit to attending the monthly meetings.
When, where, and how long are the meetings?

When the group is formed, we will determine the specific monthly dates. Dates can occasionally shift due to holidays, vacations, and other realities of life.  The meetings are two hours in duration and are held via Zoom Video conference. This enables everyone you to attend from any location that’s convenient for you.  

What type of accountability can I expect? 
One of the key features of mastermind groups is the healthy tension you get from “publicly announcing” your goals to fellow members and Brad.  Knowing that you will report your progress in the next meeting motivates you to take action you may not otherwise take. When you don’t take the intended action, you’ll receive help and encouragement to take action the next time.    You’ll also receive a “check-in email” from Brad between meetings to follow up on progress and help you stay committed.
Who facilitates the meetings? 

Hi, I’m Brad Wolff, a business/leadership success coach/consultant and business optimization specialist.  I had a 25-year career in Staffing & Recruiting, including 15 years as a founder & co-owner in two firms.  This included full-time & temp/contract, multiple disciplines, and both contingency and retained. I’ve lived in your world and understand your challenges.

What happens in the meetings?
The meetings provide a structured forum for each member to bring up challenges you’re facing, ideas you wish to brainstorm, decisions you need to make, and anything that you deem most important for discussion.  This allows members to meet their most relevant needs.
What if I can’t attend a meeting? 

The meetings are recorded via Zoom Video so that you can catch up on what you missed.  You’ll also be able to participate in the message forum regarding topics discussed in the meeting.  

Can video-conferenced masterminds really be as effective as in-person meetings?

Yes, they can!  And they bring additional advantages over in-person masterminds:

  • Meetings are recorded for review at any time
  • The normal driving time you would otherwise incur is saved for more valuable pursuits
  • You access valuable team members not located in your geographical area
  • You can attend meetings even when you’re out of town
What topics can people discuss in the meetings? 
  • Anything related to your business whether strategic, tactical or personal well-being related such as:
  • Strategic issues related to revenue growth and capturing a competitive advantage
  • Marketing issues such as gaining more awareness in your target market
  • Time management and productivity issues
  • Requests for people to review your website, marketing materials, policies, etc.
  • Achieving appropriate fees and margins
  • Hiring the right employees 
  • Creating a culture of high engagement, retention and productivity
  • Dealing with difficult clients, colleagues, and employees
  • Getting feedback on your ideas
  • Breaking through in areas where you are stuck
  • Avoiding the trap of thinking small and playing too safe
  • Keeping a positive attitude and motivation during difficult times
  • Dealing with stress and overwhelm
  • New resources and tools that can boost your success

….and anything else that is of high importance to you

How many people are in a group? 

Each group has 4-5 people

Why 4-5 people?  I’ve heard of groups as large as 20-50 people.

4-5 people provide the benefit of multiple minds working together while allowing each member to have adequate time as the “focal point” in each meeting.  This allows you to address your most important issues with the focused support of each member. It’s also is small enough to allow members to know and develop trust with each other.  To accommodate this goal with more people would require the meetings to stretch out longer.

What monthly time commitments would be expected for the best outcomes? 
Each meeting is two hours in duration.  You’ll enjoy the best results by preparing in advance for each meeting.  This would typically entail 30-60 additional minutes per month. Like other things in life, your results will depend on the efforts you invest.
How long can I remain in the group?
Members can remain in the group indefinitely and are likely to do so as long as you are receiving true value.
What if I find this isn’t right for me?
If there are concerns that cause you to question fit, let’s discuss the challenges and work through them.  Best results occur from mutual commitment for an agreed-upon period. It’s my job to create an environment that facilitates your success.
Is this group for new business owners too?
No, this group is designed for Staffing & Recruiting firm owners with at least three years in their roles.  This way, all members focus on similar issues because they’ve moved beyond the startup phase. 
How confidential is the information discussed in meetings?
Each member is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and commits to mutual confidentiality.
What resources/tools do I receive as a member?

Members receive:

  • A Success Guide to help you set appropriate goals in each area of your life.
  • A Progress Tracking Sheet to keep track of your progress each month.
  • A Habit-building tool that helps you to act on your most important goals, reflect on your results, and get back on track quickly when you lose focus.
Can I get “fired” from my group?
If you choose not to operate within the agreed-upon guidelines of etiquette, you will be asked to leave the group and your money won’t be refunded.  We want people who are seriously committed to the success of the entire group and who promote a collaborative, respectful culture.
Is this like group coaching? 
No, this is different.  In group coaching, the focus is on the coach asking questions, providing information, opinions, suggestions, etc.  A Mastermind group is a “peer advisory group.” The focus is on the entire group brainstorming, making suggestions, and providing opinions, with a facilitator to provide structure and leadership.
What if I desire additional support to accelerate my growth and success?

I am a certified coach and offer Business & Leadership Success Coaching,  Business Optimization Consulting for small to mid-sized staffing & recruiting firms. I’m available to support your commitment to success.


What if I have questions or want help in between meetings?
There is a message forum to post questions and ask for answers.