Audience: CEOs and business owners

Being a CEO is  difficult and demanding.  It’s easy to get bogged down with the day to day details that increase your frustration, deplete your energy, and limit your ability to generate real value.   Sound familiar?Instead, you want to invest your time and effort on the priorities and opportunities where you can make your greatest impact. 

Now you can lead the results you desire instead of constantly reacting to problems and crises.  Now you can drive the productivity, profitability and engagement you’re capable of with less stress and greater satisfaction.  

To achieve desired outcomes, CEOs must navigate through seemingly endless challenges such as:

  • Hiring, firing and managing key roles
  • Making high stakes decisions with limited precedent and/or data
  • Tackling competitive challenges and constantly changing customer demands
  • Navigating economic and legislative shifts
  • Addressing shortages of quality labor 
  • Balancing work with personal life challenges

The solution for many CEOs is to harness the wisdom and synergy of multiple minds focused on a common purpose.  Peer collaboration heightens creativity, decision making, problem-solving and accountability.

PeopleMax CEO Mastermind Groups provide the ongoing support of other CEO’s who live these challenges every day.  They know what you’re going through and wish to join forces with like-minded peers!  

PeopleMax CEO Mastermind Groups provide you with:

  • The ability to connect candidly, and safely with other CEO’s who understand your situation.  This lowers stress and increases your confidence and well-being. 
  • The effectiveness multiplier of other CEOs adding diverse perspectives, experiences and talents. This magnifies creativity, innovation, problem solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Feedback, encouragement and accountability to help you take more action and overcome more obstacles than you ever would alone. People consistently produce better results when they team up with a support network, vested in one another’s success. 
  • Meetings are conducted over videoconference to provide greater convenience (no more wasted time driving) and access to quality-members from across the US.  Traditional, local groups don’t offer this!
  • Video-taped meetings recorded and transcribed for your review at any time. No need to forget important details or lose value if you need to miss a meeting.  

If you’d like to learn more, let’s set a time to discuss further to evaluate the fit.

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