People Problems?

How to turn your people into your greatest competitive advantage—even if you’re surrounded by people problems now

People problems? We’ve all experienced them. Problems with: performance, leadership, engagement, turnover, clarity & focus, cooperation… The list goes on.

But what if you could turn it around and transform your people into a competitive advantage?

Processes and technology have been optimized to the point that it’s very difficult to gain a competitive edge there. But people remain a largely untapped pool of potential. Today’s world is rapidly changing and highly unpredictable. Your organization can go from dominant player to out of business almost overnight! If you can learn to optimize your workforce and become a flexible, adaptable, learning organization, then you can shift and adjust to whatever happens. You go from “hang on and hope” to “survive and thrive.”

This book will show you a simple, practical approach to optimizing your workforce and tapping into the potential that’s there waiting. 

How do I know?

I’m Brad Wolff, the people maximizer. I specialize in workforce optimization to help companies gain a competitive edge through their “human potential resources.” I’ve spent more than 20 years in the talent acquisition and retention business. I have a Professional Coaching Certification, a certification in Managing Change in Human Systems and 10+ years’ experience working with and understanding the pros and cons of multiple assessment tools. I wrote this book because my passion is empowering people to create the business success and life fulfillment they desire. In today’s business world, that’s impossible without making the most of your people.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  •  How to turn your people problems around and create people solutions in your organization
  •  How to increase your employees’ productivity and motivation in a deep, lasting way
  •  One key success secret you can learn from Google, no matter where you are in business
  •  How to inspire your workforce to adopt better habits, create employee connection, and work as a team
  •  The crucial 7 steps you can take to optimize your workforce
  •  The keys to transformational improvement in your company (not just incremental or temporary change)
  •  How to turn your people into your greatest competitive advantage
  •  Bonus: Key point summaries at the end of each chapter to help you lock in what you learn
  •  Bonus: Coaching questions to help you apply these concepts to your business, so you can start building your competitive advantage right away

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Selected Reviews

You want to attract the best talent, retain your talent, create strong engagement and productivity… then I strongly recommend that you read and apply the wise principles that Brad Wolff has provided in this indispensable book.

—Glenn Furneaux 
Past HR Vice President, Coca-Cola Enterprises 
Owner, Atlanta-based HR Consulting Co.

This book triggers all the right questions, instigates critical thinking, and provides expert advice for leaders that really want to affect the necessary change to enable a thriving organizational culture. 

—Stan Jewell 
CEO, Renfro Corporation

Insightful, poignant and so very on target. A must-read, whether you are a multinational or a small company bursting at the corporate seams. 

—Claus Schensema
COO, Unique Logistics International

I recommend this quick read to every people-leader who desires to create a groundswell safe space, and build a focused and intentional team or organization.

—Oneka Jefferson-Cornelius 
Sr. Director-Change Management, Cox Automotive

A must-read for anyone in organizational leadership. Brad Wolff provides a clear way to think through the most impactful ways to structure the right culture and environment for a healthy, growth-oriented organization. No matter the size of your organization or the industry you are in, you will benefit from heeding this advice. 

—Ted Rykoski 
Owner/President, Ascent Training, Inc. 

Workforce Optimization is not just another HR strategy, it’s an opportunity for leaders to harness the potential and power of the company’s greatest assets: its people. The book offers executive leaders an opportunity to take an honest look in the mirror and determine ways to make positive, productive changes to culture and business results.

—Mike Bonsignore 
VP-Strategic Initiatives, CKS Packaging, Inc.

Insightful and meaningful… Those who embrace these principles will find they are winning the war of hiring and retaining the best human resources.

—Kerry Hendricks
Former Director Finance Business Analytics, Arclin

Brad Wolff’s book cogently illustrates why the learning enterprise is the foundation to long-term success. It will prompt leaders to implement the cultural changes necessary to transform their organization into an industry leader. 

—Christopher Drew
Principal, A-R-T & Associates

This tightly-crafted book is an important read for all business owners and executives in companies of any size.

—Lynn E. Taylor 
President and CEO, Taylor Protocols

Brad Wolff gets it. The book is well-thought-out and well-written for busy business people. The secret to your organization’s success is your people and People Problems? helps us see what we need to do to be successful. 

Ryan Darby, Ph.D.
Founder, Monday Strong

If you’re ready to turn your people problems into solutions, get your copy now! Buy on Amazon.

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