Business Optimization Advisory

Owners of small to mid-sized recruitment firms face many difficult challenges. One area of weakness can offset all your other strengths. How much money, frustration and stress do your firm’s weaknesses cost you? What could your firm become if you solved your biggest problems?

PeopleMax can help your firm make more money with less stress and greater satisfaction. Our Business Optimization Advisory helps you capitalize on your strengths and shore up your weaknesses.


How do we help you?
It starts with a holistic, 360-degree view of your organization. Most problem-solving efforts address the symptoms, not the root-causes of your problems. You’ll never solve your problems by addressing the symptoms, If you’re constantly “fighting fires and slaying dragons”, you’re stuck in treating symptoms.

What are typical problems where PeopleMax can help?

  • Low revenue growth
  • Losing clients
  • Diminishing fill-ratios
  • Employees not improving and producing more
  • Inability to rely on employees for key tasks
  • Low employee engagement and/or high turnover
  • High levels of stress and frustration

The PeopleMax Process:

STEP 1- Clarify Desired Outcomes: Together, we define your ideal business.  This includes quantitative factors such as revenue, profitability, number of placements, fill ratios, internal turnover rate, etc.  It also includes qualitative items like engagement, satisfaction and stress reduction

STEP 2- Better Goal setting:  Develop clear, relevant, and more empowering goals than traditional methods ever could. Avoid past goal-setting frustrations through identification and development of:

  • A clear and compelling vision
  • Simple, practical strategies for achievement
  • New mindsets to turn your vision into reality
  • New skills needed to create your vision
  • Specific ways to increase your energy and capacity
 STEP 3- Set Yourself Up for Success: Plan for the potential obstacles to achieving your goals.  Identify multiple options and resources to overcome these obstacles.

STEP 4- Better Goal Achievement: Make better decisions about the right actions to accomplish more of the things that matter most to you.  Set up the proper support to keep moving forward, even with the challenges that previously sidetrack you.

STEP 5 Measurement and adjustment: Systematically review the results of your efforts.  Quickly make wise adjustments in your approach based on key learnings through the process.

Why is a holistic, 360-degree view so important?

Most people try to solve their business problems by improving processes and technology. They believe that Processes + Technology = Staffing & Recruiting firm success.  Unfortunately, this formula misses a key ingredient: personal development of the people who create, select, and use the processes and technology. This is an example of solving problems with a limited view.

The correct formula is Processes + Technology + Personal Development = Staffing & Recruiting firm success.  Savvy leaders add the missing component of personal development to capture a sizeable competitive advantage. This is an example of solving problems with a holistic, 360-degree view.