Why hire brad wolff?

  1. You want someone who understands your unique issues and how to fix them

    Brad focuses on the manufacturing, distribution and construction industries, which means he understands the unique challenges you face. Even though most “people challenges” are similar regardless of industry, there are differences.

    Brad’s experience in the manufacturing industry means he understands the issues surrounding pay, vacation, turnover, safety, advancement and recognition more than speakers who focus on outside industries. You’ll get solutions to your unique challenges, not one-size-fits-all theory. 


  2. You want lasting solutions, not quick fixes

    Brad’s career has allowed him to gain an overall, “big picture” view of organizations. His experience includes the areas of talent acquisition and retention, leadership, culture, strategy and employee alignment. This allows him to take a holistic approach, looking at how each individual area affects the other areas and the organization as a whole. Problems get solved at their root-cause so they stay solved.


  3. You want up-to-date, science-based information and practices

    Brad doesn’t practice in theory: he continuously participates in research as well as training & development programs to continuously expand his learning and effectiveness in human psychology, neuroscience, adult learning and how to facilitate positive change.
    This means you will always get the most up-to-date information, backed by real science… not fluff or best-guesses at what will work.


  4. You want information communicated in simple, practical English

    Brad focuses on communicating in the specific language that his audience uses. No need for technical jargon and buzzwords that mean little to you. After Brad leaves, your people have a common language to use amongst themselves. This way you turn new information into real results.


  5. You want a speaker who will customize and tailor for you

    Your needs are unique and specific to you. Brad will take the time to learn the important information related to who the audience is, why are they attending, what their biggest challenges are and the specific desires and concerns they have. This way, the program is customized to fit the greatest needs and interests of your audience.


  6. You want to interact, have fun and learn more as a result

    Brad knows that learning happens best when your audience is fully engaged. He combines passion, openness, authenticity and humor throughout his presentation – interacting with the audience and showing the humorous side of situations and ourselves. This enhances learning by allowing people to gain new perspectives and insights. Laughter increases fun and enjoyment—which enhances learning, retention and application.


  7. You want learning and improvements that become permanent

    Have you ever been “pumped up and excited” about the latest program only to revert to old ways within a few weeks? Brad focuses on specific, practical ways for you to convert your new knowledge into your daily work and life. Brad also offers a variety of solutions to help your people with ongoing repetition, reinforcement and application. This way Brad’s techniques become your new normal.


  8. You want an experienced, competent speaker.

    Brad’s background includes 20+ years working in Talent Acquisition and Retention, a Professional Coaching Certification, a certification in Managing Change in Human Systems and 10+ years’ experience working with and understanding the pros and cons of multiple assessment tools. He has also published a book, People Problems? How To Create People Solutions For A Competitive Advantage.

    This means Brad knows what it will take to help your audience reach their goals – because he’s been there, taught that, and can help you achieve your desired result.

To schedule a discovery call with Brad about speaking at your event, contact (678) 229-2413 or e-mail  bwolff@peoplemaximizers.com